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TheraCare Company Profile

One of TC’s principle foundations is to ensure all services provided to our various communities maintain a high level of clinical quality. From its’ onset, TC has employed clinical supervisors whose primary role and responsibility is to ensure the clinical appropriateness and quality of all our programs; including, but not limited to, EI, CPSE, and CSE.

All of our supervisors, including Education, OT, PT and Speech, have a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience; and many hold additional certifications to support the continued evolution of mandates for the many programs in which we provide services. For example, several of our Educational Supervisors, not only have their special education certification but are also BCBA’s.

In addition, our supervisors are expected to participate in continuing education courses to ensure all are current with the latest best practices in their respective fields. Much of TC’s success remains with our continued belief that without a strong clinical quality assurance program, we cannot successfully impact the lives of the children and families with whom we collaborate.

TC has a well established Compliance Department, whose major focus is to ensure adherence to both regulatory and internal policies. The department is comprised of clinical personnel who not only have expertise in all regulatory mandates; but also have an added specialty in assessing TC’s clinical programs. Our Compliance Department works closely with both our administrative and clinical staff to ensure continued compliance with all program mandates.

In order to ensure full accessibility to the population we serve and our TC staff, we have established a Consumer’s Hotline program. This allows anyone the freedom and ease to call our toll free hot line number and voice any concerns or questions they may have. This is a confidential process, which is exclusively managed by our Compliance Department.

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